Terms & Conditions

  • If you have any pets and you are able to do so please make sure you pick up any faeces prior to my visit.

  • Make sure any toys or other items are picked up and out of the way prior to my visit.

  • If you have a gate to your lawn please make sure it is unlocked prior to visiting (if I can’t get in and have to come back there will be a £5 fuel fee)​.

    • If I'm given a key or code​ I will let myself in and lock up before I leave.

  • If a billing date is agreed payments must be made on or before the agreed date (if the payment cannot be made make sure to get in contact with me before the payment is due, failure to do so will incur a £5 late fee).​

  • If the grass is higher than 6 inches then it will fall into the overgrowth category.

  • Over 70s and those with disabilities have an ongoing 25% off Discount with Weekly/ Bi-weekly contracts.

  • The Weather is out of my control if it is unsuitable weather for example Heavy rain I will cut the grass on the next suitable day or next appointment (you will be notified if its unsuitable to cut).